Photography is Art!

Hi, my name is Zelda Ventura. Welcome to my website and new inspirational photography.

I am absolutely passionate about both Art and Photography, and truly believe that Creativity arises from our ability to see things from a different angle.

I was born in Cape Town and was privileged enough to live there most of my life amongst such a rich diversity of art and culture, before relocating to Gauteng. Today I am a qualified professional photographer based in Pretoria. 

I have always loved flowers – my keen interest in Photography was born one sunny day when I decided to take a photograph of a day lily in our garden with my phone camera. I then edited the photograph with a photoshop application on my phone until the day lily no longer looked like a lily.

I will never forget that overwhelming and inspiring feeling I had that day, which moved me to start creating unique art through Photography.

A year ago, I furthered my creativity by capturing unique Alphabet letter photographs based on inspiration I drew from nature’s beauty and everyday objects we find around us.

I am certain that these unique Alphabet letter photographs will bring you as much joy and inspiration in your home, as it has brought me in capturing them and making them available to you.  

In addition to these stunning Alphabet photographs, I have created unique and beautifully framed nature inspired wall art for you to select from for your home, office, salon or work space, or as a unique and lasting gift.  

Thank you for supporting my small business.

 – Zelda Ventura –


Funmamma SA

"I have long admired the beauty and talent behind the carefully created alphabet artwork from PixZels Photography."



"PixZels Photography: classic, classy art in everyday format ... I have the photos framed and hung in almost every room in my home ! A worthwhile investment !"



"I love this unique style of word photography which is captured so beautifully! I highly recommend adding these photos with quality frames to accentuate your home!"



"A talented, motivated and passionate artist who uses photography to portray stories and create beautiful artwork of alphabetical metaphors"

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